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18 December 2005 @ 07:34 pm
Awards and Banners Post  
At dom_stillness_:
Challenge 4: Mod's Choice.
Challenge 6: 3rd Choice.
Challenge 7: Mod's Choice.
Challenge 10: 2nd Choice
Challenge 13: 3rd Place.

At monaghan_stills
Challenge 3: Mod's Choice.
Challenge 11: 3rd Place.

At fellowship_hush
Week 41, Special Challenge -- Smile: Mod's Choice.
Week 43, Cap Challenge: 2nd Place.

At asoue_stillness
Challenge 20: 2nd Place. (Out of three. With the two others sharing first place. *gigglesnort*)
Challenge 23: First place tie -- Of course, I tied with myself. Both entries won first place.

AND.... Winner of worst_lims Round 2.